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If you are reading this on your laptop/desktop, that photo of the moon you saw at the top was the first ever photo I took in my DSLR. If you were not paying attention in your science classes (I did not!), you will find it difficult to figure out which phase the moon is in, just by looking at the photo. Is it waxing? Is it waning? And then, there are the scars! Let’s call it the “quarter life crisis”.

A wise man once said, if you can not control the outcome of a crisis, why not have a good time while having the crisis. So, as always, I listened to the wise man. That wise man was me, by the way!

My name is Amrit Panigrahy. My little “quarter life crisis” made me chase my passions more vigorously. And I turned into a self-taught freelance photographer, a storyteller and a traveller.

IMG_20160905_161731This website is a collation of my work and my passion. You can find my latest work here. To view the photographs that I have taken please click here. You can read my short stories here, and my poems here. You can also go through my life experiences here, so that you do not commit the same mistakes that I did. And if photography is your thing, you can read about it here. Through my writings I also narrate those “lesser-known” facts about history (click here). Travelling is my first love and you can read my expression here.

I am also working on “Project 35”. I must admit that “Project 35” is very close to my heart. To know more about this project and for the latest updates please click here.

My motivation


In hindsight, I am bad dreamer. By that, I do not mean nightmares straightaway. By bad dreamer, I mean someone who tends to live the dreams of others as her/his own. And where did I end up?

From an “accidental” engineer, to an “accidental” partial restaurateur, to an “accidental” management student, to an “accidental” insurance salesman, to an “accidental” stock broker, to an “accidental” product manager, to an “accidental” equity research analyst – I accomplished all of these “accidents” in my decade and a half old adult life, and quite successfully at that. Well, almost! Other than that engineer part.

If “accidents” can be turned in to such successes, imagine how grand something done passionately could be turned into.


IMG_20170102_141502Ever wondered why I have used only my selfies in this section? See this photo! That is a bad photograph! That’s why! I will risk my next few lines to be categorised by most of you as borderline snobbery.

I do not believe anyone can take my photograph as good as I can. And I can not be behind the camera and in front of it, simultaneously. Hence, selfies!

That brings me to my million dollar quote, because billion is too big to dream. This quote has its trademark/copyright reserved by me. So, if you do not want me to sue you and earn those million dollars right away, please consider checking with me before using it. Here we go:


– Signing off…

I am serious about the trademark thing!

Ok bye.