My tribute to the womankind!

My first post on my own domain!

And what better way to start it than paying a tribute to the womankind – the creators, beautifiers and managers of life around us.

The featured photograph is a collage of the whole series I did on the occasion of “International Women’s Day”. The feature was named “Her point of view”, and the idea was to capture eyes of women, signifying their point of view, which I believe is ignored by many of us.

“Her point of view” series was an amazing experience. This idea came to me in February and I approached complete strangers, colleagues and friends with this idea and saw a fair bit of rejections too. The rejections were mainly by strangers, owing primarily to their scepticism that resulted from a stranger with a camera approaching them for a portrait shot.

There were some rescheduling too – and this project being for women, the least I could have done was manage my time according to the availability of my amazing models.

On the other hand, this project helped me in gaining valuable insight in to woman psychology. I will not be wrong if I claim that I understand women better today, than I did a few month’s ago.

Special thanks to the girls!