नज़दीक आती हुई क़दमों की आवाज़, ये आधम खान के सिपाही हैं,
लगता है उसने मेरी पेशगी का हुक्म दिया है।
लेकिन उसको क्या पता, की आपकी रूपमती..
आपकी रूपमती किसी गैर मर्द की ना हो पाएगी।

सुलतान, मेरी एक आखरी ख़्वाहिश थी आपको देखने की… अगर आप होते..
लेकिन, सारंगपुर की जंग में आप शायद शहीद हो गए।
और मुझे यकीन है…
मुझे यकीन है, मेरे साथ ये ना होता, अगर आप होते…

फिर भी कहीं एक छोटी सी उम्मीद थी..
उम्मीद थी की मालवा के सुलतान अपने रूपमती को बचाने आएंगे…

अब नहीं, और नहीं..
रूपमती अपने प्यार को…

थोड़ा सा दर्द, और थोड़ा सिसकना..
फिर आँखोँ के सामने धीरे धीरे गिरता हुआ अँधेरे का पर्दा…
अब ज्यादा देर नहीं है… मैं क़यामत तक अपने सुलतान की।

मैं रूपमती, और ये मेरा जौहर…..

Mandu, or Mandav was capital of erstwhile kingdom of Malwa. Mandu is dotted with love tales of Sultan Baz Bahadur of Malwa, and his queen consort Roopmati.

Kingdom of Malwa used to be a vassal of the Mughals, and had declared indepedence taking advantage of the instability that ensued just after Akbar had taken control.

Akbar then sent his foster brother Adham Khan and a large contingent of the Mughal army to subdue Malwa. Adham Khan, who had by then heard of Roopmati’s enchanting beauty, had resolved to defeat Malwa and take her as a prized possession of his harem.

Baz Bahadur faced Adham Khan and the Mughals in Sarangpur with a small contingent. Baz Bahadur’s contingent was no match for the mighty Mughals and he escaped after being defeated.

Adham Khan then marched on to Mandav. Thinking that Baz Bahadur was slained in the battle, Roopmati poisoned herself, as she could not have seen another man in her life. Such was her love.

In due time, Adham Khan was executed by Akbar. Baz Bahadur surrendered to Akbar and was in return made the mansabdar of Malwa.

And for Roopmati, her love and loyalty for Baz Bahadur still fascinates imagination of the new generation of tourists to Mandu.

The short piece in Hindi at the top is an original by yours truly. Take it as an ode to Roopmati’s love and loyalty.

Technical help in proof-reading the Hindi poem and text – Sonam Chamaria

In frame – Hindola Mahal in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh, India

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